Snowshoeing Basics: How to Properly Put on Your Snowshoes

Find out how to strap into this helpful winter footwear with these snowshoeing tips.

May 15, 2019

Trudging through snow can be a burden on your winter adventure. Snowshoes can help give you better footing and keep you on your way. But what good is your footwear if you’re not wearing them properly? DICK’S Sporting Goods associate Tyler Marsh has a few tips to help you learn how to put on snowshoes. Use these tricks and get locked into a fun time in the elements.




When you go to put on your snowshoes, make sure you’re on flat ground, especially if you’re a beginner. “It’s going to be a lot easier to get used to and it’s going to make your adventure a lot more enjoyable,” Marsh says.


Once you’ve found a flat spot to get strapped in, there are just a few simple steps:

  1. Place your foot into the snowshoe binding. According to Marsh, your foot should go right up into the pivot point to help your foot flex while walking. This will allow for a comfortable step with maximum efficiency.
  2. Once your foot is in position, go ahead and tighten the bindings. There should be a few straps to help you stay locked in place. Tighten the toe strap, instep strap and heel strap for a secure, snug fit.
  3. After tightening, tuck away any excess bindings to keep them from hindering your walk. You don’t want to trip or have the annoyance of any loose straps flopping around with each step. Once you’ve tucked away the straps, you’re ready to begin snowshoeing.




Some snowshoe models can feature an added component to their makeup. Snowshoe heel lifts can help you when climbing or ascending a hillside. When engaged, this added bar brings your heel up and creates a more level plane for your foot. “It’s really going to save your calves and make you work a lot less,” Marsh says.


BONUS PRO TIP: To help extend the life of your snowshoes, take them off if you need to travel over any rocks. Marsh notes how this can help save the crampons and keep them in working shape for seasons to come.


Snowshoes can give a boost to your winter adventure. Follow these Pro Tips on how to put on snowshoes and keep your feet moving toward your next destination.


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