Wrestling Reversals: The Switch

This technique can help you score a reversal from the bottom position.

March 27, 2019

Depending on how the match is going, you have a few options when stuck in the bottom position. Some moves will allow you to get back to your feet and into a neutral position.


But there are other times when you'll want to use a reversal to earn points and take control.


The switch is a defensive move used when in the bottom position to score a reversal.


“The switch is a basic reversal technique from bottom,” Division I assistant coach and former collegiate wrestler David Terao says. “It’s a great option when you need a reversal instead of an escape.”




There are three primary steps to the switch:

  • Replace your free arm with the arm that your opponent is holding.
  • Turn your opposite hip and grab your opponent’s leg with your free arm.
  • Continue to rotate and drive into your opponent until you’re in top position.

Remember: Scoring an escape will give you one point. But scoring a reversal gives you two points. It can also put you in position to end the match.


“The switch is a great bottom technique and is one of the quickest ways to go from bottom position to top position,” Terao says.


There is a variety of techniques from the bottom position to take advantage of your opponent. You can use the stand up to get back to your feet and into a neutral position. The Granby roll can return you to your feet or set up a reversal.


Don't forget to build a base if you end up on your stomach. This can help you defend against turns.