Kris Bryants Batting Practice Tips

Find out how all-star third baseman Kris Bryant approaches his batting practice routine and how having a well-thought-out plan can help make your next training session more productive.

May 02, 2018

To improve your swing, you need to put in the work.

There’s always something to work on when it comes to baseball practice. There are so many mechanics involved in the game, and each skill can be forever tweaked or fine-tuned. When it comes to batting practice, athletes have a number of drills at their disposal that can help them better their skill set. So in order to make the most of their swings, they need a proper plan.

Former MVP Kris Bryant has a simple, structured approach to his hitting routine, which has helped him put up all-star numbers at the highest levels.

Bryant uses a number of drills during a hitting session and says, “I think it’s crucial that you’re seeing balls that are actually moving and coming into you so that you’re more prepared for the game when the ball is actually thrown and coming toward you.”

Facing live pitching in the batting cage is another aspect to Bryant’s batting practice routine, although he says that he doesn’t make it a major point of concern, only going through a round or two. Regardless, when the baseball pro steps into the cage, each swing means something and is used as a training point.

“I think the best swings for me are when I’m hitting home runs over the center field fence,” Bryant says. “So, I’m working on hitting the ball through the middle and working on, really, hitting it where it’s pitched.”

This situational hitting skill allows Bryant to take a ball thrown outside to his right and pull inside pitches down the line. Hitting a pitch where it’s thrown creates better contact on the ball and can really help a young player become a harder out in the batter’s box. “I think the earlier that you can get that the better you’ll set yourself up for the future,” he adds.

Having a plan when it comes to your batting practice can be the difference between mastering your hitting and just swinging at air. So, take a page out of Kris Bryant’s book and get your batting practice routine in order for more boost in the batter’s box this season.

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