Defensive Line Tips: The 3-Point Stance Form

When you come up against an offensive line, you need a lot of leverage and momentum. The three3-point stance is the first step to exploding into a defensive play.

September 20, 2017

Defensive linemen are often expected to go up against bigger, heavier offensive linemen. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be effective.

The three-point stance is the most common stance used to create explosion off of the line. To get in your stance, approach the football with your eyes inside. Make sure you’re not in the neutral zone to avoid an off-sides flag.

Keep the hand closest to the football — your inside hand — down. Your inside foot should be staggered back to throw more weight forward for you to use to create an explosive movement off the ball. Make sure to watch the ball, ignoring all sounds, and explode when the ball is moved.

As a defensive player, destruction is the name of the game. Using the three-point stance is an aggressive way to make a play when your team needs it the most.

Remember, the low man always wins.

Now it’s time to learn the four-point stance.