Defensive Line Tips: Exploding Off the Line of Scrimmage

Quickly getting off the line of scrimmage gives you the best advantage of dominatingto dominate the play.

September 20, 2017

To be a leading defensive lineman, you need to perfect your fundamentals and develop a strong, explosive get off. One of the keys to a great get off is starting in a good, athletic stance.  From that stance, explode with your first step, shooting your hands into the opponent. Once you’ve made contact, work to extend your arms, maintaining a flat back while driving your feet and pushing the offensive player to create a new line of scrimmage.


Focus on these key points:

  • Start with the fundamentals, including a good stance.
  • Be quick when the ball is snapped, taking an explosive first step.
  • Shoot your hands into the offensive lineman before they can make contact and create leverage.
  • Extend your arms while chopping and driving with your feet to push your opponent.

There’s nothing that an offensive lineman hates more than a quick, explosive defensive lineman. Using great fundamentals and an explosive get off, you’ll be able to dominate your position and help your team be successful.