Offensive Linemen Tips: How to Line Up in a 3-Point Stance

A lineman’s duty is to keep defenders at bay with explosive blocks and a balanced wall of pressure. Learn to dig deep and remain stable with a proper three-point stance.

September 25, 2017
Football players playing a game on the football field.

During the course of the game, offensive linemen will use various stances, depending on the situation. You’ve learned the 2-point stance and now it’s time to master the most common and neutral of these stances: the three-point stance. This stance helps in preventing the defense from knowing whether it’s a run play or pass play.


To set up in a good three-point stance, start with your feet shoulder-width apart and in line underneath your armpits. Get in an athletic stance by sinking your tail and bending your knees. From there, if you are on the right-hand side of the offensive line, put your right foot back to roughly a heel-to-toe relationship, so that your feet are staggered. Then, lean forward and put your right hand down to the ground. Keep your head up and back flat.


If there is too much weight on your hands, you could fall face first. One way to test this is by picking up your hand while in your stance. If you tip forward, you have too much weight on your hand and are not balanced.


If you're on the left-hand side of the ball, set up the same way but stagger your left foot back with your left hand down, again being able to graze the hand along the ground without falling forward.


When you become confident and comfortable in your three-point stance, not only will you have personal success, but you’ll also create success for your team.