How to Hit a Fairway Shot with an Iron

Finding the fairway off the tee is incredibly rewarding for an amateur golfer. Once you get there, you will likely use an iron to execute your next shot.

February 01, 2018

While hitting from the short grass may seem straightforward, striking a ball that is sitting directly on turf versus a ball that is sitting on a tee is slightly more difficult. Practicing shots with your irons from shorter grass can allow you to feel comfortable and in control as you take aim at the green.

Consider the following Pro Tips before your next iron shot from the fairway.


Achieving an optimal setup position sets the foundation for the rest of your swing.

Start by standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart to create a stable platform for your swing. Once you’ve taken that stance, position the ball just forward of center to promote cleaner contact with your choice of irons.


Contact is a critical indicator of how your shot will wind up. Taking too much turf behind the golf ball can result in a short, chunked shot. Hitting too high on the golf ball can result in a bladed shot, which will send the ball offline and well past your intended target. Clean, ball-first contact helps golfers avoid those outcomes and achieve ideal flight.

Once you are locked into the proper setup position, visualize the sole of your club digging into the turf slightly in front of the golf ball. During the downward portion of your swing, shift your weight to your forward leg through impact in order to strike the ball at a descending angle. These steps can naturally help you make contact with the ball first and then take up turf afterward.

Incorporate these tips into your practice routine in order to achieve proper set up, ball-first contact and green-holding iron shots from the fairway.