Proper Golf Ball Positioning at Address

Symetra Tour player Gabrielle Shipley explains the best ball positions for the clubs in your bag.

June 27, 2018

The position of your golf ball in relation to your stance can have a major impact on how well you hit the ball. But it isn’t always easy to figure out what the right ball position is.

Where should the ball be aligned for shorter irons? What about for the driver? When should the ball be aligned in the middle of your stance? When should you make sure it’s aligned forward?

Symetra Tour player Gabrielle Shipley offers several recommendations on where to position the golf ball depending on which club you’re using:

  • For clubs from the sand wedge through the 6-iron, place the ball in the center of your stance. This can allow your swing to connect right at the ball instead of in front or behind it.

  • For clubs from the 5-iron and up, begin to line the ball up slightly forward since the clubs are increasing in length.

  • The driver is the longest club in your bag. Because of that, ball placement should be lined up just off your front heel.

“It is important to remember, though, that when you hit with driver, this is the club you swing up on,” Shipley says. “So this is why it’s forward of center off your front heel. It allows you to have shoulder tilt and to swing up on the ball.”

Remember that clubs come in various sizes, so your stance needs to change to accommodate the difference. As clubs become longer, you will need to step back so you don’t hit the ground during your swing.

Alignment sticks can help you master the position of the ball. They are designed to help improve your accuracy and swing path for clubs — everything from your driver to your putter — and act as a visual aid when you’re swinging.

By setting up your swing with your golf ball positioned properly, you can make the most of every stroke.