Why You Should Get Your Putter Fit

PGA Pro Shanon Hoyt explains why getting your putter fitted can make a huge difference on the green.

June 28, 2016

Golfers are always looking for ways to save strokes. PGA Pro Shanon Hoyt takes a look at one of the surefire ways to see improvement on the green and on your scorecard: putter fitting.

Having your putter fitted properly allows you to set-up consistently to your putt each and every time. With the putter fit to your height, you end up with the proper length of putter. The right length of putter also helps your eye line, which should be right over the ball, or somewhere in the center of the face of the putter.

The lie of the club is also affected by the putter fit. If your putter is the right length for you, it will sit flat on the green. An improperly fitted putter will rest on its heel or toe, and could cause your actual putts to roll in a different direction than you intend.

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