How to Buy a Lacrosse Bag

Make sure all of your gear makes it to the field by keeping them together in a comfortable, efficient lacrosse bag.

November 28, 2017

Lacrosse players have a lot of gear. It’s that simple. Having the right equipment is important, but transporting and carrying it can be just as vital. After all, players must carry their stick, helmet, cleats, pads and other accessories to and from the field for every practice or game. Toting these cumbersome, sweaty items daily from the locker room to the bench and back can become a hassle without the proper storage. This is why investing in a proper lacrosse bag can be one of the best decisions you make this season.

There are three basic styles you can choose from: lacrosse backpacks, lacrosse equipment bags and lacrosse stick bags. Other equipment-specific bags are available, like ball bags, but those are designed to carry only certain items, and wouldn’t be the best option to lug all of your personal equipment around. Each style of bag has its own unique profile to better suit the demands of the season.

While each style of bag has its own specific features that might better fit your lacrosse needs, there are some universal qualities you should look for when purchasing a lacrosse bag. For one, you should look for a bag with durable exterior materials that can withstand the punishments of weather and wear. This is especially true for the pack’s bottom in order to prevent the cold or wet ground from damaging the tote.

Another universal quality to look for in your lacrosse bag is ventilation. After a few practices or a few rainy games, your gear will undoubtedly pick up some moisture. In order to help keep your bag dry and to help minimize that sweaty odor, look for a bag that offers mesh paneling, built-in air ports or a vent system. This can help cut down that funky smell synonymous with sweaty or soaked padding and gear, as well as allow your gear to dry out more easily.

Also, look for bags that feature a “wet gear” pocket. This feature allows you to store your muddy cleats or sweaty pads in an enclosed pouch, keeping your other items dry and separate from the soiled equipment.

With these features on your mind, you can better choose a lacrosse bag to fit your playing and gear needs.


A lacrosse backpack presents itself in a sleek profile built for on- and off-field use. They typically feature multiple pockets for gear and supplies, with some even including additional laptop sleeves for your electronics. These bags can also feature stick clamps or straps so you can comfortably carry your lacrosse stick hands-free. The heavy-duty zippers, durable material and padded shoulder straps combine to make one secure and comfy tote. Lacrosse backpacks can be great for student-athletes or for players looking for a low-profile way to store their gear.


If lacrosse backpacks resemble your book bag from school, then a lacrosse equipment bag resembles your luggage from vacation. These large, duffel-like bags offer storage capabilities with ample room for all of your gear. These equipment bags are the largest available options, making them great for goaltenders and other equipment-heavy players. Many even feature stick clamps or compartments so you can keep certain items together, with additional accessory and wet pockets for other gear.


Stick bags are typically more popular with women’s lacrosse players who don’t need to tote around as much padding and protective gear. Stick bags are sleek, narrow and feature a wider opening with a slender tube-like pocket to house the stick handles. Most options are capable of holding two or more sticks, with extra room for goggles and other small accessories.

When it comes your gear, the right lacrosse bag can give you a better sense of security and preparation. Find the style that works best for you so that you can transport your lacrosse essentials more easily and focus more on your next game.