How to Choose Mesh for Your Men's Lacrosse Stick

Learn the difference between semi-soft and semi-hard mesh to choose the one that’s best for you.

May 17, 2018

Your pocket is an integral part of your lacrosse stick. It has direct contact with the ball. It is where passes and shots begin and catches end.

By knowing what to look for in mesh, you can get your lacrosse pocket ready to hold up strong and supplement your skills this season. There are a few different styles of mesh to choose from, but they can be broken down into two distinct options: semi-soft mesh and semi-hard mesh.

  • Semi-Soft Mesh – As the name implies, this type of mesh is made of a softer material and designed to be easier to stretch and string. It can also be quick to break in. A head with semi-soft mesh creates a pocket that can move with the ball, which can lead to improved control, hold and responsiveness.

  • Semi-Hard Mesh – This type of mesh naturally tends to be stiffer than semi-soft. Semi-hard mesh can help create consistency and a smooth release. It can also perform well in wet weather. It does typically take a little longer to break in than semi-soft mesh.

So, which lacrosse mesh is the best for you? It comes down to your personal preference.

A player who likes to shoot on the run, uses a lot of dodges or has a lot of power in their shot, will likely prefer a semi-soft mesh. Semi-soft can also be a good option for beginner lacrosse players.

Meanwhile, a player who likes to feed to their teammates and get the ball out of their stick quickly may prefer a semi-hard mesh.

By finding the right mesh and knowing the difference between semi-soft and semi-hard styles, you can get your pocket ready to perform at its best this season.