Stocking Stuffers for Lacrosse Players

With gifts like these, your lacrosse player will be set up for a successful season.

November 30, 2016

When jingle bells are ringing, you know it’s about to be lacrosse season. Practice for most leagues begins in February, so it won’t be long before your star player needs gear and accessories for the new season.


You need somewhere this holiday season to start your search. Luckily, Pro Tips is here and has just the thing! Check out this list of lacrosse accessories small enough to squeeze into a stocking.




Because protective gear sees a lot of action, it may be important to provide your player with a new set each season. Luckily, a lot of the lacrosse protective gear basics can squeeze into a stocking, like elbow pads and arm pads. A couple of standard mouthgaurds to protect those pearly whites can also nestle right into the toe of the stocking.


For women and girls who compete, a new pair of goggles may be in order. Maybe they’ll benefit from a newer, sleeker pair.


Gloves are a protective stable and are required for men to wear. They are optional for women, but can provide better grip and protection as well. Also, don’t forget extra protective gear for goalies like a throat guard. Give the gift of protection this holiday season with these compact accessories.


Another staple of the lacrosse holiday stocking is the lacrosse ball. The more goals your player scores this season, the merrier they will be, so you may want to consider lacrosse training balls that are weighted and designed to help build the strength and form necessary for accurate, high-speed shots.




Lacrosse players need multiple practice tees, shorts and socks during a season, so it’s always a good idea to stock up on some new lacrosse apparel. Folded and rolled neatly, these pieces can fit nicely in a stocking. Baselayers are great for cold-weather practices, and headbands and sports bras are great additions, too.




Your stocking stuffers can cover all the basic lacrosse stick accessories like mesh, shooting string or a complete stringing kit. A pocket pounder, which helps break in a new pocket, can be a great gift as well.


There are more uses for tape than to just wrap presents. Your player may also need some stick tape to wrap around the shaft, helping to improve both grip and control. Perhaps their lacrosse shaft needs a new endcap, which covers the sharp cut-off end of the shaft. We have those, too.




For players looking for that extra bit of flair, eye black can help them express themselves and fit the part of a dominating player. Some eye black even comes in multiple colors, allowing players and fans to display their team pride.


Add more style with helmet decals that will make their helmet pop and help them stand out on the field. Extras like a repair kit, shoe laces, cleat deodorizer and a water bottle are all practical, useful items that lacrosse players at every level will appreciate.


Your favorite lacrosse player deserves the best this holiday season. Get them ready for the season a little early by filling their stocking with these personalized gifts.


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