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March 07, 2016

Download the Pro Tips Running Log

Whether you're preparing for a running event like a marathon or a 10K, or just simply want to get in shape, trying to maintain the goals you've set for yourself can be difficult. You may not have a coach or a personal trainer, so it's up to you to attack the goals you've set. There’s a certain power in maintaining a running log.

It’s a simple act: You use your log to record distances, times and workout days. You might also document running routes, difficulties and successes along the way.

Over time, you’ll begin to notice trends and patterns — and you’ll be able to gain powerful insight into your running habits. Logs can help runners develop realistic goals for race day and beyond. They can also help keep you inspired when you need it most.

Download and print the Pro Tips free running log to get started. This comprehensive log is made to help you keep tabs on critical data you're interested in, like running time, pace and heart rate. You can also document outside variables — your route, the weather conditions, the running shoes you wore. These details can help you gain a holistic picture of yourself as a runner.

Track your progress and help meet your fitness goals today!

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