Signature Soccer Moves: How to do a Rainbow Kick

Dazzle and deceive on the pitch with the advanced rainbow soccer trick.

October 26, 2017

It is always important for players to work on and master the basic skills of soccer like passing, scoring and dribbling. But once a player learns the black and white of the fundamentals of the sport, they might want to add some color to their arsenal in order to stand out on the pitch.

And it doesn’t get much more colorful than the Rainbow.

The Rainbow is a move that will not only awe the crowd, but can act as an offensive tool to help move the ball. It can help you advance past a defender while making the charge down the field.

To start, push the ball just slightly ahead of you. Catch up and position the ball between your legs – one foot in front of the ball and one behind it.

Secure the ball with your back foot and begin rolling it up the heel of your front leg. Once it’s a few inches above your ankle, lean forward and use your front leg to kick it over your head. This will send the ball into the air and ahead of you.

If done properly, it can leave a defender wondering where the ball went while you are pushing toward their goal.

You won’t find a pot of gold at the end of this Rainbow, but you might be rewarded with a clear shot on goal.

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