How to Throw a Softball

Properly throwing a softball requires players to use their entire body and not just their arm.

March 31, 2019

There are several fundamental skills every softball player should master before stepping onto the field. One of the most essential is learning how to properly throw the ball.


“Throwing is arguably the most important part of the game,” former collegiate softball player Raianna Dobbs says. “Having proper footwork and arm action can lead to stronger, more accurate throws.”




Throwing a softball is a ground-up process, meaning it begins with proper footwork, followed by effective arm mechanics. To begin your throwing motion:

  • Move the instep of your back foot toward your target.
  • As you step, turn your hips and shoulders to transfer your weight forward to your front foot.
  • Drive your hip through your target and have a strong follow-through.

With your footwork set, you can shift focus to your arm mechanics:

  • While stepping through, make sure your arms are separating. Get into a strong “T” position with the ball facing away from your body.
  • Rotate your core, pulling your glove arm strongly through the zone to deliver the ball on target.

“Remember: when throwing, we are using our entire body, not just our shoulders,” Dobbs says.




To work on your throwing mechanics, here are a pair of drills you can use in practice with a teammate or coach.



Throwing Drill

  • Stand facing your partner.
  • Plant your lower half.
  • Engage your core.
  • Rotate your shoulders to your target.
  • Rotate through the finish.


"T" Position Throwing Drill:

  • Stand with your shoulders inline to your partner.
  • Push your weight back while separating your arms.
  • Get into a strong “T” position.
  • Follow through on a straight line toward your partner.

It’s important to work on your throwing regularly. Repetition can be key to finding improved results.


When you are throwing with a teammate, you want to have the same level of concentration as you would during a game. A great way to work on concentration is through competition. Follows these tips to add some friendly competition to your next round of catch.