Softball Bunting

Bunting is an important part of softball offense. Learn how it can help your game.

June 25, 2015

Softball bunting is not entirely different than bunting in baseball. There are two different types of bunts for softball: sacrifice and drag bunt.

The goal of the sacrifice bunt is to advance the runner to the next base, while you "sacrifice" yourself by being thrown out at first base. The key to this bunt is to never drop your bat. Always keep your bat angled up and do not drop the end of the bat toward the ground. If the pitch is low, simply bend your knees.

To perform a drag bunt, or "sneaky" bunt, start your at-bat in your normal stance as if you're going to swing away. When the pitcher enters the pitching motion, turn your body toward the pitcher while keeping your bat angled with the end of the bat pointing up. As soon as your bat hits the ball into fair territory, sprint as fast as you can to first base and hopefully you beat out the throw to first.