Softball Hitting: Slapping Basics

This hitting style can allow players to use their speed to get on base or advance teammates into scoring position.

March 31, 2019

Sometimes the best hit isn’t the one that’s driven to the fence.


The slap is a hitting style used to attack a certain spot of the infield. It can be difficult to defend and a good technique to help advance teammates already on base.


Former collegiate softball player Jordan Mowatt says, “Slapping is an effective style of hitting for a left-handed athlete with quick footwork and speed on the bases.”


There are two main approaches to slap hitting: the soft slap and the power slap. You can determine which approach to use by reading the playing depth of the defense.




Use this technique when the defense is playing deeper. To soft slap:

  • Chop down on the top half of the ball, creating a high bounce.
  • Strive for a good bat angle and strong bottom hand. These two swing qualities can help heighten the initial bounce.



Use this technique when the defense is playing closer in. Remember, when you attempt to power slap, it is important to have good extension with your hands through contact. The goal is to punch a line drive through the infield.


“This style of hitting allows a left-handed hitter to have many tools to use to put pressure on [the] defense and get on base for [their] team,” Mowatt says.


To get the most out of your slaps, you will also need to work on your bat angle and footwork.


The mental side of hitting can be just important as your swing mechanics. Check out these tips from professional softball player Delaney Spaulding on how to raise your confidence in the batter’s box.