Softball Outfielder Tips: How to Catch a Fly Ball

Find out how to properly track, catch and secure a pop fly with these quick softball tips.

February 01, 2017

Fly balls should be routine plays for outfielders. With the right footwork and technique, every ball in the air should be an automatic out for your team.

The key components to catching a pop fly are to sprint to the landing zone once you focus in on the ball. As the ball begins descending, be sure to keep your feet active underneath you. Get your glove extended upward with a clear field of vision. You want your eyes to be clear so you can track the ball all the way into your glove.

Once you’ve secured the ball, remember to work through the catch and transition to your throw. Place a solid toss on target to your cutoff and keep the efficiency rolling. Find more information on how to throw from the outfield with these additional Pro Tips.


There are many ways to reinforce the proper fly ball catching technique. One quick and easy way is to have a coach or teammate toss pop-ups from a close distance. This softball outfield drill allows you to react and sprint to the ball. Throughout this exercise, you should keep your feet engaged underneath. This effective softball drill can also help you track pop flies from different attack points and angles. Repeating this drill can help build the necessary hand-eye coordination

Being able to track the ball, secure the catch and get it back into the infield quickly are all necessary skills for successful outfielders. Use this quick and helpful drill to better your game this softball season.