Softball Pitcher Drills: Have a Routine

Find your groove and use these softball tips to help develop your routine for on-field success.

October 10, 2019

Consistency is key when pitching in softball. Being comfortable within the circle can help you remain focused between pitches.

A great way you can accomplish this is by developing your routine. Former professional softball player Jessica Vogel shares some key items to consider when maintaining your composure on the field. Use these softball pitching tips to help you stay in the zone and ahead of the competition this season.


One item Vogel notes to keep in mind when developing your pitching routine is your breathing. Maintaining a steady rhythm can help you keep pace on the mound. Having a breathing routine can also help slow the game down for you. This can help you identify when you’re rushing through your motion or not taking enough time between pitches.


“Another thing is how you interact with your teammates between pitches,” Vogel says. “Communicating how many outs there are, talking about possible plays that should come up and positive encouragement.”

Communication skills go beyond words – your body language matters, too. Not only can this help you convey information to teammates, it can also send a message to your opponents. No matter the situation, positive body language can show you are unfazed and determined in the circle.


A final recommendation when building your pitching routine is to keep a steady delivery. Vogel notes you should make sure to deliver each pitch the same way each time. This can become easier through repetition in practice. Diligence in developing the proper softball skills can help lay the foundation for a rock-solid routine.

A well-developed pitching routine can help you control the tempo of the game at hand. Learn how to take command of your comfort in the circle with these softball pitching tips.

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