How to Hold a SUP Paddle

Practice proper hand positioning so you’re able to move through the water more smoothly when paddleboarding.

April 10, 2017

An essential part of learning how to paddleboard is knowing how to use your paddle, and the positioning of your hands is quite important.


The first thing to do is to put one hand on the shaft while putting the other on the top of the paddle. Then, place the shaft of the paddle on top of your head. If you turn to the right and left, your arms should be making right angles.


If they are, take the paddle down and make note of where your lower hand is on the paddle – this area is known as the “sweet spot.” This spot is important in maintaining control when switching hands.


When you want to switch hands, place one hand over the other and slide the upper hand to the top of the paddle. When you are paddling on the right, your left hand will be on top. And when paddling on the left, your right hand will be placed on top.


Once you put the paddle in the water, pay attention to the blade. It should always be angling to the front. When the paddle faces forward, the physics of it creates more lift in your board, which allows you to paddle more efficiently.



Now that you’ve learned how to use your paddle, it’s time to learn how to get around. Discover basic SUP moves like the forward stroke and the sweep turn.