How to Launch a Kayak

When you’re ready for a day of kayaking, you want the smoothest entry into the water. These beginner tips can help to make launching your kayak a breeze.

March 30, 2017

You want your kayak adventure to start out on a good note, so getting your boat launched is key.

To begin, bring your kayak to the water’s edge. You’ll want to have the boat in just enough water that it floats, but doesn’t float away. You want to be able to keep control over the kayak as you get comfortable. Use your paddle and place it offset, behind the cockpit with one blade touching the shore.

As you enter the cockpit, remember to keep your weight even. Use the paddle to keep you steady during this process. Place one foot at a time into the kayak and then slide your legs in.

Now that you’re in, it’s time to launch. Bring your paddle in front of you and dip it into the water. Catch the shore with one blade and push yourself into open water. Once you have finally cleared land, you are free to begin paddling.

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