How To Buy Figure Skates

Finding the right figure skate for you is essential to your performance on the ice. A skate must fit properly and be appropriate for your skill level. Consult this guide to help you with your figure skate choice so you get the pair you need.

June 24, 2015

Sizing & Fit


Today, many brands offer figure skates in the same sizes as typical athletic shoes.

  • Always measure your foot width while you are in a sitting position.
  • Consider the socks you will wear with your skates. You should only wear a thin pair of socks while skating, so size accordingly.
  • Brands vary slightly in size. Consult product information for details on sizing
  • If you buy a pair of figure skates, try them on before you get the blades sharpened.
  • When trying them on, lace both boots up firmly with most of the lace pressure at the top four eyelets. A secure fit is important on the ice.


Selecting Skates By Ability Level


Intermediate and advanced figure skates often have boots and blades sold separately for a more tailored look and feel. The stiffness of your skate boot and length of your blade can vary depending on your skating style and skill level.  Beginners should keep in mind these factors:

  • Pre-assembled sets are a good start for young and novice skaters.
  • A moderately stiff boot gives your feet and ankles ideal support. They’re also flexible enough to break in quickly. It takes time to break in skates and feel comfortable in them.
  • Ensure your boot’s tongue offers stiffness and padding to protect your legs and feet from injury.