The High Tee Baseball Batting Drill with Kris Bryant

Working with a batting tee can be helpful to an athlete looking to improve their swing. Discover how professional baseball player Kris Bryant uses a tee to train with insight from Pro Tips.

May 02, 2018

Using a batting tee in your batting practice session is a tried and true way to help improve your hitting mechanics. When live pitching comes in, however, the ball’s not going to be set in the same spot every time, which is why mixing up your tee work throughout your training can be helpful in mastering swings for the entire strike zone.

One such drill to add depth to your batting practice is the High Tee drill. All-star third baseman Kris Bryant praises this routine, especially for younger players progressing through their competitive leagues. As an athlete gets older, pitchers get more refined and able to spot their pitches in locations that are much more difficult to hit, making it crucial to train mechanics. Even MVP-caliber athletes like Bryant practice with the High Tee drill in order to better their swing.

“It’s tough for me to hit,” Bryant says about difficult high pitches. “You really have to get your hands above the ball to hit it, whereas the low pitch, it’s a little easier because you can drop your bat head on that and let your hands take over.”

He uses this batting tee drill to better his approach. “I work on this every day that I’m in the cage.”

To begin the drill, have a batting tee out slightly in front of the plate with the tee raised to the top of your strike zone. Once your ball is in place, line up to give a healthy swing.

“I start with my feet together and step into it just so that all my energy is going toward the pitcher,” Bryant says.

Keep your hands high through the swing so that you can effectively drive the ball and get on top of it. “Try to hit a good fly ball to the back of the cage.”

Incorporating the High Tee drill into your next batting practice can help you perfect your mechanics and train for a powerful swing throughout the entire strike zone. Discover more batting tips from Bryant like how to approach batting practice.