How to Buy a Fishing Rod

Consider the action, weight and length of rods to find the right fly fishing rod.

July 01, 2015

Fly fishing is a specialized angling method, in which a fly is used to lure and catch a fish.

Many anglers love fly fishing for its simplicity—in a single, flowing cast you sink your fly and wait for a bite. If you’re used to traditional fishing methods, consider taking up fly fishing.


When casting a fly to a fish, fly rods build momentum in the line and control its direction and distance. Fly fishing rods are long, thin and flexible, build for casting a featherweight fly as bait. They are typically made of fiberglass, graphite or bamboo.


Fly fishing rods have a single line with smaller looped guides to control the fly line. To effectively cast your lure, fly fishing rods do not have a handle that extends past the fly reel.


How do you determine the fly fishing rod that’s right for you? First, consider the action, weight and length of the rod. Then think about the type of fish, fly and water environment you’ll encounter.


Determining Your Fly Rod Size


Fly Fishing Rod Checklist

  1. Choose a fly fishing rod that matches the fishing line you intend to cast.
  2. Choose the appropriate rod action.
  3. Choose the right rod length.
  4. Choose the right rod fittings.