How to Buy Lacrosse Cleats

The three main factors to consider when choosing a pair of lacrosse cleats.

June 13, 2016

The popular moniker of “the fastest game on two feet” has followed lacrosse since about forever, but that wouldn’t be so true without one key piece of gear: a ground-gripping pair of cleats. Maybe we should start calling it the fastest game on two cleats instead. Here’s what you need to know to get into the best lacrosse cleats for your feet. And unlike much of the game’s gear, these guidelines hold true whether you’re buying for a male or female player at any level of play.


Many players are awed by the popular brand of the season, the snazziest design or team-matching colors. All cleat brands offer game-changing attributes, but every foot is different and one brand or style may or may not be the best fit for an individual player. So try them all and go for the shoe that feels the best for you.


Lacrosse cleats come in three cuts: low, mid and high. Make your choice based on your desired level of ankle support.

    • Low-cut cleats are ideal for those looking for maximum flexibility and the lightest weights possible. They offer little to no ankle support. Players whose games rely on quick cuts and high speed often choose this style.
    • High-cut cleats look a little like boots with an upper that extends up past the ankle bone and maximizes ankle support. These cleats are perfect for players who prefer or require additional ankle support.
    • Mid-cut cleats are a versatile hybrid offering more flexibility than high-cut styles and more support than low-cut styles. Mid-cut varieties are often chosen by players who want the best of both worlds.


    This is the part that makes a pair of cleats a pair of cleats. Strategically placed molded plastic knobs, spikes or studs improve traction on natural and modern turf surfaces. Keep in mind that metal cleats are not allowed in lacrosse. Sometimes cleats are even removable so players can choose different cleat lengths to match field conditions. Players who opt for cleats commonly use them regardless of surface since newer artificial turf surfaces are designed to be softer and better emulate natural grass surfaces.

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