Lacrosse for Beginners: How to Catch a Lacrosse Ball

Improving this fundamental lacrosse skill can help make you a reliable target for your teammates.

June 11, 2018

To maintain possession of the ball, lacrosse players need to be able to receive passes from their teammates. Having the proper mechanics is vital when attempting a catch.

The first component of making a catch is proper body positioning. You want to have your front shoulder directed at the person passing the ball. Your bottom hand should be

loosely placed near the end of the stick shaft in an overhand grip. Your other hand should be placed near the top of the shaft under the plastic of the head.

The shaft of the lacrosse stick should be parallel to your body so that the head is next to your helmet — this will give the passer a target to aim for.

The second component is receiving the pass. You should have soft hands and 'give’ a little as the ball is entering the head of your stick.

When receiving a pass with a long stick in men’s lacrosse, your hand placement should be different than it would be with a short stick. Your top hand should be choked up about a foot from the head and your bottom hand should be about a foot above the end of the stick.

Having the proper body position and stick grip can help you receive the pass and maintain possession of the ball.

While you work on improving your catching, make sure to also work on your passing mechanics to become a more well-rounded player.