Lacrosse Draw Control: Winning Ground Balls and Loose Balls

Learn how to be in the best position to grab the ball in these 50/50 situations with this drill.

June 15, 2018

A draw is an important part of every lacrosse match. They are held at the beginning of both halves as well as after every goal.


Sometimes the ball will become loose after a draw as both players battle for control. Winning ground balls and loose balls is crucial for a team to maintain possession throughout a lacrosse game.


One of the keys to winning these 50/50 situations is boxing out your opponent. By getting in front of your opponent, you can be at an advantage to get the ball first. You want to run through the ball as quickly as possible to keep your defender on your back. Many 50/50 balls come from the draw circle.


Here’s a simple drill you and your teammates can do to practice boxing out ground balls and loose balls.


Your coach will start on the draw line with several balls while you and another player line up on the draw circle. Your coach will then throw a mixture of ground balls and high balls as you both attempt to box each other out and win possession of the ball.


This is a drill you can practice regularly to help increase your chances of having possession and winning games.


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