Lacrosse for Beginners: How to Pass a Lacrosse Ball

Follow these passing tips to help improve this fundamental lacrosse skill and be ready to sling the ball to your teammates.

June 11, 2018

To maintain possession of the ball, lacrosse players need to make accurate passes. In order to do so, you need to have the proper mechanics and follow-through to make sure your passes are on target.


Throwing a lacrosse ball is similar to throwing a baseball or a football. You should be in an athletic stance with your hands away from your body.


As you make the pass, push with your top hand and simultaneously snap your wrists while pulling with your bottom hand. Your front foot should step toward your target for improved accuracy. Remember to rotate your hips so that your follow-through finishes with your back shoulder pointing at your target.


When making a pass with a long stick in the men’s game, it’s important to choke up to ensure a more accurate pass. Choking up can help improve your overall stick control.


Having the proper mechanics and follow-through, combined with regular repetition of throwing the lacrosse ball, can ultimately lead to better passes.


As you work on your passing skills, make sure to also spend some time practicing your catching techniques to become a better all-around lacrosse player.