Learning Lacrosse: Throwing

Using proper form can be crucial as you aim to get the ball to one of your teammates or into the goal.

December 07, 2016

When a player steps onto the lacrosse field, there are several fundamental skills they will need to master as they progress in the sport. One of the most important is throwing. No matter your position on the field, getting a handle on how to make an accurate throw is crucial in your development.


It is important to first know where to place your top hand. Going too high will reduce the power of a throw, while going too low will affect your control. Your dominant hand should be near the middle of the stick.

The hand you put toward the top of the stick is called the push hand because it pushes the stick over your shoulder. The hand on the bottom is the pull hand because it guides the stick.


After getting your hands in position, stand perpendicular toward your intended target. You will then take a step forward toward your target. If you are right handed, step with your left foot but if you are left handed, step with your right. Taking this step forward will open your hips and generate power as you twist.


To complete the throw, take your top hand through with a follow-through. The motion is similar to how you would throw a football or a baseball. A snap of the wrist will give the throw some added velocity.

The head of the stick should be pointed directly at your target at the end of your follow-through.

It is important to remember that your elbow will dictate where your throw goes. If your elbow is high, it will go high. If it goes low, so will your throw.

A strong, crisp throw is an important skill to develop for any player. Working through various drills with teammates and on your own with a rebounder will help make sure throws remain on point.