The Pro Tips Mens Lacrosse Checklist

Whether you’re a veteran lacrosse player or you’re trying the sport for the first time, you need the right gear. Use our checklist to find your essentials for the season.

February 01, 2016
Lacrosse players on the field

Get the season started on the right track with our lacrosse gear checklist. Take the field with confidence knowing you’ve got exactly what you need to raise your game to the next level.




You’ll need a lacrosse stick that fits your position, whether you’re a midfielder, defensive player or goalie. Check out the following guide for more details on how to choose the right stick: Choosing A Men’s Lacrosse Stick


More experienced players may prefer to build a personalized stick by choosing an individual head and shaft and then creating a custom-made pocket with a mesh or string kit.




Good lacrosse gloves are key. Look for gloves that offer ample protection, flexibility, durability and comfort. Most men’s lacrosse gloves can be worn at any position, but goalie-specific gloves do have added padding that net-minders may appreciate.




Look for lightweight men's lacrosse cleats that breathe. Choose detachable or molded cleats, or go with a spikeless design for optimal performance on turf. Get the height you need to support your game, whether you prefer a mid-cut for moderate ankle support and maneuverability, or a low-cut-cleat for extra speed and lightweight comfort. Make sure your footwear is in line with your league’s cleat regulations.




Men and boys will need a men's lacrosse helmet that fits properly and comfortably. Choose shoulder pads that fit your style of play —attackers typically need substantial coverage, mid-fielders need adequate protection that does not inhibit range of motion, while defenders tend to need the least amount of padding. You may also want to invest in rib/kidney pads—these are typically not required, but they will help shield sensitive areas.


Elbow & arm pads are imperative. They are available in four styles:


  • Arm pad: A beginner-friendly style that slides on and off easily
  • Arm guard: Provides more coverage than the arm pad and typically features an external elbow pad for added protection
  • Elbow guard: The most protective style, the elbow guard is ideal for attackers and midfielders
  • Elbow pad: Popular with defensemen, the elbow pad provides minimal coverage for enhanced freedom of movement



If you play between the pipes, you will need a few extra pieces of protective lacrosse goalie equipment. While you can use the same helmet worn at other positions, you must attach a throat guard for added protection. You’ll also need a chest protector to guard your torso from high-speed shots along with protective goalie pants that are worn under your shorts. Shin guards are optional but they can help you avoid painful bruises on your lower legs. And, as we mentioned earlier, you may want to consider goalie-specific gloves—they feature additional padding at the thumb and forefinger.




Stock up on lacrosse apparel for the entire season. Start with the basics you’ll need for practice, like T-shirts, practice shorts and socks. Pick up a few pairs of compression shorts to wear during practice and in-game, and prepare for potential chilly weather during the early part of the season with baselayers and hoodies.




Don’t forget to pick up accessories, like a lacrosse bag to store your gear, extra balls, grip tape, and replacement mesh or strings if you need to repair the pocket of your stick. Plus, keep your game sharp year-round with training aids for your home, like a regulation goal or a rebounder.


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