Understanding the Substitution Box in Lacrosse

Help your team gain an advantage when transitioning from offense to defense by better understanding how to use the substitution box.

June 26, 2018

Getting the right players on the field for the best matchups can be vital to a team’s success. Teams can improve their matchup ratio by using the substitution box to their advantage. Located between the benches on the sideline, the substitution box is the 20-yard-long section where athletes come on and off the field during play. Substitutions in lacrosse are similar to substitutions in hockey — they are done on the fly with no stoppage of play.

Players can use the entire box space for subbing on and off the field. This means that they don’t have to enter the game on their team’s side. By using the entire box, players can help give their team an advantage when transitioning between offense and defense. Typically, teams will use the substitution box to swap out offensive players for defensive players and vice versa. These switches can help create opportunities for lacrosse teams, so make sure to focus on getting the right players on and off the field at the right time.

BONUS PRO TIP: Remember to always hustle on and off the field to help limit any player mismatches. Paying attention when players are coming on and off can also help defend against substitution penalties.

By understanding the lacrosse substitution box, players can help their team’s chances of getting that key offensive advantage on the field or installing a shutdown defense in the final minutes.

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