At-Home Training for Baseball & Softball

Shine bright without the diamond. Create your own at-home softball practice plan with these Pro Tips.

April 10, 2020
softball player through a ball

Success on the softball field isn’t something you turn on and off. You work at it, adding to your ability with each drill, each rep. At-home softball drills can help you continue your journey when away from the diamond. Use this Pro Tips collection of at-home softball training exercises to create your new home routine.



To grow your game, you need the right environment. Utilize what you have at home and turn your living room, basement, garage or backyard into your own training facility. Clear some space and outfit your area with gear like tees, nets and other softball training aids. These tools can allow you to train harder throughout your at-home practice plan.



A good starting point when training at home is to warm up with some simple agility drills. Put some pep in your step as you train around the house with these agility-focused exercises.


Softball Drills to Improve Change of Direction

Softball features plenty of start-and-stop action. Players need to be able to accelerate quickly, whether in the field or on the basepaths. These agility cone drills can be easily set up at home to help train your mind and body for the rigors of game play. Learn more about these simple and effective drills with these softball tips.


Softball Drills: The Shuffle Drop Drill

Body control is another skill set you can look to improve with indoor softball drills. The shuffle drop drill can be a fun exercise that promotes quick feet, hand-eye coordination and composure. Grab the necessary gear and get ready to move with these helpful tips.


Softball Drills to Improve Quick Feet

Whether on the diamond or in your backyard, an agility ladder is a great tool to train for quickness. This training aid can also help you work on your speed and athleticism. Discover some popular agility ladder drills for your next at-home softball workout with this guide.



Another key component to any softball practice is throwing. Maintaining arm strength at home can help when it comes time to return to the field. Training at home can also help ensure your throwing motion stays consistent throughout the year. Use the following at-home softball throwing drills to stay accurate and confident through each toss.


Softball Throwing Tips: Proper Arm Action

Mechanics are important to staying consistent when throwing. A fluid throwing motion can help improve accuracy no matter your position. While each player has their own technique, there are a few fundamental factors to a proper toss. Discover how to train these skills at home with these softball tips.


Softball Throwing Tips: The Throwing Progression

Long toss can be another great way to keep your arm ready for softball action. However, you should build up to throwing longer distances to ensure you’re properly warmed up. Discover how to stretch your at-home training to newfound marks with these tips on the throwing progression.


How to Stay Focused When Throwing a Softball

Throw. Catch. Repeat. This process can sour quickly for some softball athletes. A fun way to help you maintain concentration when throwing is to turn your catch into a competition. Learn how to stay locked in on your target with these tips for home.



Even without a field, you can add effective positional drills to your at-home practice plan. There are several training exercises you can perform on your home turf to build your defensive skill set. Find out how to work out for your role on the diamond with the following drills for each position.




Softball Catcher Drills: Ball in Hand Drill

Pocket awareness is a critical skill to have as a catcher. Understanding where your mitt’s pocket is can help make it easier to receive pitches. The ball in hand drill can allow you to get a better feel for receiving balls in a natural fashion. Give this drill a go when working out at home and look to build your instinctive catching skills.


Softball Catcher Drills: Ladder Drill

As a catcher, it’s important to stay alert on the diamond. Aside from the incoming pitch, you also need to focus on baserunners looking to advance. To make the most of your throws to second, your footwork must be rock solid. The ladder drill can be an effective indoor softball drill for catchers looking to improve this area of their game. Create a habit out of proper footwork with these softball tips.


Softball Catcher Drills: Six-Ball Blocking Drill

One of the main responsibilities for catchers is to block wild pitches at a moment’s notice. To keep yourself in front of the ball and ready to block, you need to have strong lateral movement skills. A great way to train these traits at home is with the six-ball blocking drill. Use these softball tips to discover how to set up and perform this premier training exercise.




Softball Infielder Tips: How to Manage Your Footwork

When fielding ground balls, the proper footwork can be a big influence on your fielding performance. Having an efficient approach to the ball can set your body for an easier catch, transfer and eventual release. A helpful softball drill to reinforce these good habits is the three-cone drill. Learn how to set up and perform this exercise with these tips for your next at-home training session.


Softball Infielder Tips: How to Barehand a Ground Ball

Slow-rolling ground balls can be tricky for softball players to master. Oftentimes, it comes down to a barehanded catch and throw, adding more difficulty to the play. Working on how to barehand a ground ball can be a great way to utilize your at-home softball training. Develop the necessary footwork and hand-eye coordination with these softball tips.


Softball Infielder Tips: How to Finish the Play and Get the Out

An errant throw can render even the most dazzling play useless. Finishing each play with a strong throw to the base can help you record more outs in the field. The five-cone drill can help you improve your footwork through the catch as you gain ground toward your target. Follow these tips for another quality softball drill for your at-home practice plan.




Softball Pitcher Tips: How to Have an Effective Arm Swing

To improve your speed and accuracy in the circle, you need to have a solid arm swing. A consistent motion through your stride can lead to tighter pitches and more potential strikeouts. Use this drill to work on your delivery at home with these softball tips.


Softball Pitcher Drills: Stride Over Hurdle Drill

Cutting the distance between you and the batter can help you gain an edge when pitching. Shortening this range with a long stride length can help you deliver quick, explosive pitches toward home. To help train for an extended stride, use the stride over hurdle drill. Follow these tips to discover the exercise’s setup and process.


Softball Pitcher Drills: The Rocker Drill

Another softball drill you can implement at home for stride length is the rocker drill. Being explosive into your step can help you cut that distance between you and home plate. The rocker drill can be useful for at-home training due to its easy-to-follow instruction and simple setup. Discover more with these softball tips.



Hitting at home might seem difficult, but a full-fledged batting practice isn’t the only way you can train your swing. There are several softball drills and exercises you can perform to work on your hitting approach. Implementing these hitting drills in your at-home routine can keep your game at peak performance.


Softball Hitting: Grip and Stance

When you step into the batter’s box, you’re not just standing there waiting on the incoming pitch. Your stance and grip work together to help you put your best swing on every ball thrown. Improving these qualities at home can be simple with this softball drill. Make the most of your at-home hacks with these training tips.


Softball Hitting: Lower-Body Mechanics

A powerful softball swing begins in your legs and hips. Having everything in sync can help you put some explosion behind your contact point. Use this helpful softball training exercise to work on driving your hips through and finishing with your back heel over your toe.


Softball Hitting: Slapping Footwork

Slapping can be an effective hitting approach for players looking to advance runners or get on base themselves. To slap efficiently, you need the proper footwork. You can familiarize yourself with the correct steps for a successful slap hit while training at home. Find out how to put your training in motion with this softball slapping drill.


Athletes might shine on the field, but the great ones are made in training. Whether on or off the diamond, waste no opportunity to improve with these at-home softball Pro Tips.


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