Softball Infielder Tips: Important Drills for Receiving the Ball

Reinforce proper fielding position with these quick and efficient softball infield drills.

January 31, 2017

Having your body in the right fielding position can be the difference maker on a crucial play. These three drills can help build muscle memory and reinforce proper fielding mechanics.

Adding the triangle drill, hat drill and paddle drill to your softball workouts can help shore up any fielding position faults.


This softball fielding drill is easy to set up. Draw a simple triangle in the dirt and align your feet on the two base angles. The top angle should be your fielding waypoint where your glove hand should rest. Get into a low, athletic stance with your glove hand out in front to watch the softball all the way in.

The triangle drill gives you an illustration of the proper fielding position. Understanding where your hands and feet should be can reinforce the correct stance.


Your next softball drill for improving your fielding position is the hat drill. To perform this exercise, take your hat, flip it over and place the brim in your mouth. This blocks a part of your vision and forces you to get your glove out in front. If your glove is too close to your base, you can lose sight of the ball as you track it in. The hat drill can really help drive home the notion of having your hands out in front when fielding a softball.


Your final softball fielding drill for proper fielding position is the paddle drill. Instead of using your glove to field the softball, use a training paddle. This fielding trainer is flat and stiffer than a normal glove. It promotes two-handed fielding techniques.

When performing the paddle drill, be sure to get your hands out in front. As you receive the softball, get your bare hand out to quickly secure it. Get your grip and transition into your exchange.

These softball fielding drills can help reinforce the right fielding techniques. Identifying the proper positioning and repetitive training can help lead to stronger play on game day. Build your skills with these quick workouts for natural, efficient and flawless fielding.