How to Pack Your Snowboarding Bag

Maximize space when traveling to the mountains by plane or by car.

November 16, 2017

Packing can be a stressful process. Add to that unwieldy pieces like a snowboard and all of its accompanying gear, and you may feel a little overwhelmed before even leaving the house.


After much trial and error, packing and repacking, we at Pro Tips have landed on this method for maximizing space in our snowboarding bags. We recommend giving this a practice run and tinkering with the pieces to find the perfect fit. As always, traveling light is your best bet!




Before getting started, lay all of the items you intend to pack on the floor or on your bed.


Aside from your jacket and pants, consider packing your inner layers and additional shells or jackets in a separate bag.


Next, place the open snowboard bag on the floor and take a deep breath. Let’s do this.



  • Place your board with bindings up.
  • Roll up your socks and stuff them inside each boot.
  • Angle your snowboard boots with the soles against the bindings and toes facing each end of the board.
  • Fold your pants in half and roll them up, about two-thirds of the way. The roll should fit snugly beside one boot. Use the remaining pant flap to cover the top of the boot.
  • Fold your jacket in half and roll it up halfway or two-thirds of the way. The rolled jacket will fit more snugly beside the other boot. Use the remaining jacket flap to cover the other boot.
  • Gather your goggles, spare lens, gloves, mitts and glove liner. Place them inside your helmet, placing the goggles between the gloves and liner.
  • Set your helmet on the middle of the board, with the inside of the helmet face down.
  • Gather any extra small accessories, such as your beanie, facemask or headband, and place them on one side of the helmet to help fill the space between it and the board’s bindings.




Bags vary in size and protection. Choose a thicker bag with padding to protect your board in transit. It’s also helpful to choose a bag that’s slightly longer than the length of your snowboard.


If you’re traveling by air, make sure you’re aware of the airline’s checked bag weight limit and adjust your packed gear accordingly.


Secure or remove any other long straps, as they may get caught or rip during travel.


If you choose to place a lock on your bag, be sure to one that’s TSA-approved. This will allow TSA officials to safely unlock and inspect your luggage.


Zip up your bag (you shouldn’t have any trouble or have to force it shut!) and you’re all set.


Remember: You can stick with our solution or tinker with it to make it your own! And, whether you’re taking on a new mountain or heading to a favorite destination, when you have a sure-fire packing routine, you’re one step closer to stress-free travels to the slopes.