Pro Tips Ski Essentials Checklist

Make sure you have the ski gear, apparel and accessories make the most of your time on the slopes this season.

November 05, 2018

It can be a skier’s worst predicament. You’re halfway up the mountain on the ski lift, and it hits you that you left something sitting at home.


But fear not; DICK’S Pro Tips is here to help make sure that isn’t a problem on your next ski trip. Use this checklist when packing for your next skiing adventure so the only thing you’ll have to worry about is hitting the slopes.


Let’s start with the basics. Don’t forget your skis and poles. If you don’t own a pair, you can often rent them from the resort. You’ll also want to come ready with your ski boots and ski helmet.


What you wear during your day on the slopes is also key. It’s crucial to use apparel that is warm, as well as wind and water resistant. Being cold can easily ruin a day of skiing, so a good ski jacket and pair of ski pants are vital. When putting together an outfit for a day on the mountain, it’s important to dress in layers. Check out this layering guide to figure out the best way to stay warm during your ski trip. Remember: If you get too warm when wearing layers, you can always remove one.


While gloves are a fundamental addition to your outfit, don’t forget about glove liners. Wearing these can allow you to stay warm when you take your gloves off to adjust your boots or check your phone. Keeping your feet warm is important, too, so make sure to pack at least two pairs of socks made of a synthetic material or wool. Having an extra pair is crucial because you never know when you’ll need to make a quick change.


To minimize your trips to the lodge and maximize your time on the slopes, make sure to bring a daypack. When choosing a daypack, make sure it has a slim and ergonomic design, an adjustable sternum strap, a waist or hip belt and padded shoulder straps.


When loading up your daypack, there are several items you will want to include. Among them:

  • Money and identification. This will help if you want to buy a snack or in case of an emergency.
  • Lip balm and sunscreen are essentials when hitting the slopes. Lip balm can help protect against the wind, sun, cold conditions and dry air. Reapply sunscreen on your face every few hours to help avoid raccoon eyes.
  • A resort map can help you navigate the mountain. A map not only tells you boundaries and trail difficulty, but also where to find first-aid stations and restrooms.
  • A driver ratchet tool can help retighten your bindings or adjust them to the various conditions.
  • Hand warmers. Even if you think you are insulated, throwing a few of these into your bag can be essential if your gloves or socks don’t provide the long-lasting heat you’re looking for.
  • Skiing can work up an appetite. Bring a snack like protein bars or trail mix to satisfy your hunger.

By heading to the slopes with the right equipment, you’ll be ready to make memories instead of regretting the one thing you left behind.


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