Stocking Stuffers for Baseball Players

Knock it out of the park with these holiday gifts for the baseball player in your life.

November 16, 2016

When you are rounding third and heading for home on your holiday shopping list, don’t forget to get your future Major Leaguer some new gear to slide into their stocking.


Gameday gear can help make your player’s stocking a grand slam. Help them make the most of their trip to the plate with a new bat grip, bat taper or a tar stick for improved control and power. A new bat weight is an accessory that can get their swing ready in the pregame and when they’re on deck.


A new pair of batting gloves can also help a player get the most of every swing so that by the time you’re done cleaning up from the holiday festivities, they’ll be ready to clean up in the batter’s box.


There is plenty of protective gear you can add including elbow guards and batter’s leg guards. A pair of sunglasses and eye black will help keep their eye on the ball throughout a doubleheader.


Don’t forget some baseball glove accessories to help keep a player’s glove performing at a high level, too. Glove conditioners or treatments, a glove re-lace pack and a glove wrap are great gifts for baseball players to get their mitts primed for competition.


Baseball can be a year-round sport for serious players, so help them stay ready for competition with new training gear. A swing track system can help them get ready for the first pitch, while a pair of weighted batting gloves can help increase strength in the forearms and fingers. A ground ball trainer can help increase a player’s skills in the field.


You can even help add some extra flair to their uniform this upcoming season with some new apparel in their stocking. A baseball arm sleeve can help players achieve a stylish look with a body-hugging fit. Compression shirts and sliding shorts can give players a locked-down feel under their uniforms while also keeping them cool. You’ll find stirrups, which can help a player’s socks stay in place with some additional comfort, and baseball belts in a variety of colors to match team colors and complete the personalized look of your athlete’s uniform.


And when they are in a dugout, make sure they have some sunflower seeds or gum. No player should be without 'em.


Lastly, if you are looking to score a home run with your baseball player this holiday season, don’t forget to fill their stocking with some fresh baseball gear to get them ready for opening day.


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