Gift Wrap Hacks: Two Ways to Wrap a Ball Glove

Throw a gift-giving curve ball with help from this Pro Tips guide on how to wrap a ball glove.

December 10, 2018
A gift basket with a an assortment of softball essentials.

When it comes to gifts for baseball and softball players, a new glove can be a game-changer for athletes at all levels. But with an odd shape, it can be tempting to bunt on wrapping and just throw the new mitt in a bag. Luckily, Pro Tips is here with a double play’s worth of wrapping techniques for a ball glove.



Catch the baseball lover in your life by surprise with this gift-wrapping technique. With the help of two poster boards and some shoelaces or ribbon, you can create a home plate-shaped hideout for a glove.

  • Poster Board (2)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Clips
  • Laces/Ribbon
  • Crinkle paper
Laydown of wrapping supplies.
  1. Stack two sheets of standard-size poster board.
  2. To properly size your home plate, place the glove on top of the stacked poster board for scale. Then, use a ruler to create an outline of the plate.
  3. Clip the edges of the two boards together with paper clips so they stay aligned. Next, cut out your home plate shape.
  4. Using a hole puncher, punch holes along the perimeter of your sheets. You can use the clips to help keep the boards aligned during this step as well.
  5. Tie two laces or pieces of ribbon together to create a string as long as the plate’s perimeter.
  6. Starting from the point, begin to lace the boards together.
  7. Lace along the sides until only the top border remains.
  8. Place the glove in the pouch along with crinkle paper for stuffing.
  9. Finish lacing the top of the board. Tie a bow knot to close the pouch.



Instead of opting for a gift bag, you can use the glove itself. This simple baseball gift idea is a great way to give multiple small accessories in one cool package.

  • Tissue paper
  • Crinkle paper
  • Small baseball-related gifts
Laydown of wrapping supplies.
  1. Line the glove’s pocket with tissue paper so the edges are covered.
  2. Fill the glove with brown crinkle paper to give it the look and feel of the infield dirt.
  3. Place small baseball- and softball-related accessories (new batting gloves, gum/seeds, a ball, some laces, etc.) in the glove pocket to complete the gift bag.
  4. Add more crinkle paper for a decorative touch.

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