The Best Football Agility Drills

Give your next football practice some pep and speed with the best agility drills from this Pro Tips collection.

July 29, 2020

Football players, regardless of position, need be agile on the gridiron. Quick feet and speed can translate well in multiple football situations. To improve these traits, you can curate a training program filled with drills designed around agility. Choose from this Pro Tips collection and put your best training foot forward with these football agility drills.


Beginner Football Agility Ladder Drills

An agility ladder can be a great training tool to use within your football practice plan. Drills focused around this training accessory can help reinforce quick feet and body control. Discover our lineup of beginner-level agility ladder drills to get your feet moving.


Advanced Football Agility Ladder Drills

Looking to take your training to a higher level? These agility ladder drills can bring new challenges to your agility workouts with emphasis on strength, speed and flexibility. Learn the steps to these gridiron gambits with these Pro Tips.


The Bag Drill with Tyler Lockett

Receivers and backs can benefit from quick feet on the field. Being able to cut swiftly while maintaining control can help you shed defenders en route to the end zone. The bag drill can reinforce these skills as you maneuver through the workout, keeping your knees high and your body moving. Follow along with football pro Tyler Lockett and work on getting in and out of routes in this football drill.


5-10-5 Shuttle Run

Football isn’t a straight-line sport. You need to be able to change direction quickly to thwart defenders or close in on a tackle. The 5-10-5 shuttle run can be a great year-round drill to help improve your change-of-direction ability. Learn how to set up and execute this simple and effective workout with these football Pro Tips.


Single Leg Hops

Agility training also encompasses your explosiveness on the field. Being able to kick into that extra gear on the gridiron can lead to a game-changing play. Single leg hops can be a great tool to focus on this explosiveness. Train your legs to plant and burst to top speed in this football agility drill.


Five-Yard Agility Box

You don’t need an entire football field to train for improved agility. The five-yard agility box is a testament to this, with workouts aplenty in this confined football drill. All you need is four cones! Discover some popular moves with these Pro Tips and take those first steps toward improved on-field agility.


The L Drill

Another football cone drill that can work multiple skills at once is the L drill. In this workout, players can train their ability to get off the ball, change direction and accelerate to finish. Perfect for in-season or offseason training, this drill is a simple yet effective way to help enhance your agility.


Football Warmups: Step Dummy Drills

Whether warming up or training for improved performance, it’s important to keep your feet moving. Incorporating some step-over dummy drills to your routine can get your body ready to attack the game. Find out how these football drills can make for smarter football practices in these Pro Tips. Learn the layout and procedure to sharpen your agility the next time you head to the field.


The Circle Drill

Turn a new corner in your football agility training with the circle drill. This football cone drill can be simple to set up and help reinforce athleticism and speed. Stay low and work through multiple variations with these Pro Tips from the gridiron.


The Four-Cone Box Drill

Maximize your movement with the four-cone box drill. This football drill can help improve athleticism and agility between the hash marks for a well-rounded workout. Sprint, shuffle and backpedal your way to on-field dominance with these Pro Tips.


Football Bag Drills for Overall Agility

Good footwork is a foundational skill amongst football players. Bag drills can be a great addition to your football practice plan to work on fine-tuning your steps. Learn the ins and outs to a handful of bag drills in this Pro Tips guide.


The Cone Ladder Drill with Tyler Lockett

Being precise and explosive with each step can help push your game to new heights. The cone ladder drill can help you work on these traits as you strive for gridiron greatness. Learn how to set up and run this efficient football drill with these tips from football pro Tyler Lockett.


Lateral Quick Foot Movement with Tyler Lockett

To advance down the field, sometimes you need to move laterally. Being able to efficiently maneuver up, down and across the gridiron can be the difference maker on game day. Use this football agility drill from professional football player Tyler Lockett to fine-tune your sideway skills and steps.


The Figure-8 Drill with Tyler Lockett

When making a cut or changing direction on the football field, it’s important to explode out of the breakdown. A loss in speed can result in a missed play and be a detriment to your game. Follow along as football pro Tyler Lockett explains how to execute this useful drill to help boost explosiveness when getting out of routes.


Five Essential Football Drills to Boost Speed & Agility

Training doesn’t need to be a complicated manner. You can work on multiple skills and traits with only a few key movements. Find out how to create a fundamental practice plan and learn to train for speed, agility and athleticism.


Four Football Workouts for Your Offseason

Agility training doesn’t start and stop with the season. There is plenty of work that can be done in the offseason to ensure you return to the field ready for glory. Use these football agility drills to keep improving throughout the year.


Being light on your feet begins with the proper training and practice. Find the perfect agility drill for your next workout in this Pro Tips collection.


Agility is a must-have for all gridiron athletes, but receivers can especially benefit from being quick and nimble. Discover extra drills to get you ready for your next reception with this collection of the best wide receiver drills.