Football Equipment Checklist

Get ready for your season with this complete football equipment checklist, designed for both youth and high school players.

February 16, 2016
A running back carrying a football.

Triumph on the football field doesn’t come easy—and you know it.


From preseason weight training to grueling summer two-a-days, it takes a certain level of preparation to succeed on the gridiron. Start your championship journey with this complete football checklist from Pro Tips. Our recommendations for your season include everything from essentials to extra accessories that can help make a difference in your game.


  • Football helmets offer protection without sacrificing playability. And the latest headgear provides superior shock absorption, ventilation and field of view. Customize your helmet with your own facemask, visor or eyeshield.
  • Football cleats must provide superior traction for just about any field condition. You can choose from low and high-top cleats and a variety of stud configurations for your game.
  • Integrated compression apparel features a layer of responsive foam padding sewn into the garment, creating an extra barrier of protection beneath your equipment. Plus, they’re sleek and lightweight as you move to never weigh you down on the field.
  • Football training equipment keeps you ready in the offseason. Start with dummies and sleds, power training gear and kicking tees.
  • Football protective gear such as shoulder pads, hip and tail pads, back plates and rib protection, help fortify you from hard hits on the field.
  • Football accessories, like skull caps, eye black, sweat towels and water bottles, are player essentials.
  • Football gloves are on-field essentials for every down. They help receivers, running backs and defensive backs grip the ball and offer linemen warmth and protection.


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