When to Refurbish vs. Replace Your Golf Clubs

Learn what to look for when deciding if it’s time to mend your clubs or move on from them.

January 23, 2020

As a golfer, you’ve likely grown attached to your clubs. But once they start showing their age with a little wear and tear, you might start thinking about replacing them. However, if they’re still performing up to par, then you’ll likely want to keep them in your bag. By knowing when to refurbish your clubs versus replacing them, this decision can be easier than a tap-in on the green.


When it comes to golf club refurbishment, it’s often more about improving the look of your clubs rather than their playability. If a standard cleaning won’t do, a golf club refinishing can help return your clubs closer to their original, polished state.

“It can also touch up those little nicks and dings that occur during a round,” DICK’S Sporting Goods Associate Nick Jendrejeski says.

As for when to completely replace a club, there are several factors that come into play. The most obvious is when the club breaks.

“It might be hard to move on from it, especially if it’s your favorite driver, but it’s time to add a new one to your bag,” Jendrejeski says.

You’ll also want to consider the importance of technology when evaluating the performance of your clubs. Each year, new advancements are being made to improve how you play the game.

“Even if your clubs still look and feel good, they may be outdated simply because of new technology that’s been made available in recent years,” Jendrejeski says. “Playing with outdated clubs will likely lead to lost yards on the course and extra strokes on your scorecard.”

Whether you’re in need of golf club restoration, or you think it’s time for a new set altogether, schedule an appointment with the Certified Fitters at DICK’S Sporting Goods or Golf Galaxy. They can make sure your clubs are performing at their potential or fit you with a set that best complements your game.

Parting with an old favorite isn’t always easy. But you can make the process a little easier by understanding when to refurbish your clubs versus when to replace them.

To keep playing your best each round, there are several factors to consider. Even if you don’t need new clubs, your current set might be in need of a tune-up. By knowing when to regrip your clubs, you can keep them feeling brand new. And if you’ve noticed a dramatic change in your ball flight, it could be time to reshaft your golf clubs. Doing so can help lead to hitting more consistent shots.