Lacrosse Draw Control: The Push Draw

Learn how to gain possession by pushing the ball into the offensive end of the field.

June 15, 2018

The draw is a regular part of every lacrosse game. It starts play at the beginning of both halves as well as after every goal.

There are two main draws in women’s lacrosse: the push draw and the pull draw.

The goal of using the push draw is to move the ball in front of you toward your offensive end.

To do this successfully, start with your right hand on the top of your stick and your left hand on the bottom. Get into position by facing your opponent’s goal with your knees bent. Your stick should be at waist height and squared up with your opponent’s stick.

The referee will place the ball in between your sticks. When the ref blows the whistle, push forward with your right hand while pulling backward with your left hand toward your body. Remember to rotate your hips to the right to help add power behind your push.

Once the ball is free, quickly react to pick it up. The push draw helps you get the ball in front of you for a self draw or to your teammates on the draw circle.

By working on your draw, you can help your team dominate the time of possession throughout the game. Don’t forget to work on the motion of the pull draw as well to help improve your game.