Lacrosse Drills: Practicing with a Rebounder

Practice these lacrosse shooting drills with your teammates or on your own to help develop your fundamental ball skills.

June 11, 2018

A wall or lacrosse rebounder can be a great tool to practice your passing and catching mechanics. The rebounder can also be an excellent tool to work on your shooting.

Here are three drills to use with a rebounder to work on your fundamental skills:



  • Set the rebounder up a few yards away from the cage on the goal line extended
  • Angle your body toward the rebounder as if it were another player passing you the ball
  • Throw the ball against the rebounder
  • As the ball returns in your direction, get your hands free to catch the pass and quickly take a shot on goal


  • An advanced way to train with a rebounder is to pass the ball off of it and cut toward the ball to shoot on the run.
  • Set up the rebounder about five yards away from the net on the goal line extended
  • From a comfortable distance, pass the ball off the rebounder
  • Cut toward the ball to make the catch and take a few steps before attempting a shot


  • The rebounder can also be used as a tool to replicate a time and room shot.
  • Position yourself straight on to the goal from a comfortable distance away
  • Set the rebounder perpendicular to you, about 10 to 15 yards away, the same distance as you are away from the goal line extended
  • Make a straight pass into the rebounder
  • As the ball returns in your direction, get your hands away from your body to catch the ball
  • Finish the drill by taking a crow hop toward the goal and unleashing a shot
  • You can move around the field to give yourself different angles for your time and room shot.

There are a number of lacrosse rebounder drills you can do to practice your lacrosse skills. You can use the rebounder regularly for extra repetitions after practice or whenever you have some free time at home. Remember that consistent practice can lead to success on the field.