Tee Ball Checklist For Kids

Make sure your child is well-equipped with the essential Tee ball gear and apparel needed for their first season.

December 13, 2015
Little kid in a baseball shirt and batting helmet swings a baseball bat at a baseball sitting on a tee.

Tee ball is the first time a child truly gets to enjoy the baseball experience. It’s also the first time they get to play competitively. As a parent, your job is to outfit them with all the proper gear so they can excel as soon as they hit the diamond.

To get the full Tee ball experience, your child will need everything from cleats and gloves to accessories and proper hydration. Consult this DICK’S Sporting Goods Tee ball checklist for a complete guide to the gear your child will need this coming season.

Keep in mind that while things like batting gloves and eye black aren’t necessary, kids still like wearing them, like the pros do. When looking for a Tee ball glove it’s important to remember that there are no position-specific gloves — they are universal and just differ by right-handed and left-handed.

Make sure to also note that most teams provide certain pieces of equipment such as batting tees, batting helmets and Tee ball bats, but you should check with the league or your child’s coach beforehand just to make sure.